Friday, November 07, 2008

They Just Don't Get It.

CNN tells us this day that Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council told them that conservatives need to take back control of the GOP if the party wants to return to its winning ways. "Moderates never beat conservatives. We've seen that in past elections." Pointing to measures in three states that erected bans against same sex marriage, Perkins said that there was no mandate to shift to the left on social issues.....(people wanted change) and that was a rejection of a moderate view." This seems to be the emergent line from the right wing of the GOP. I've speculated about how they would account for getting what amounted to an old fashioned ass whuppin' with all the fancy trimmings and no cost extras, but this seems to be how the whacko wing of the GOP is going to account for it-it was a failure of Faith. As in all millenarian faiths, when you Go Up To The Mountain to Await the End of the World and the Rapture does not arrive on schedule, it can only be a failure of faith-either because the Faithful were slackers in their beliefs, or sometimes the Prophet messed up his calculations when he figured out when the End of Days should arrive. I mean, it would be too much for them to comprehend that they got their butts handed to them because they are busted, tapped out, no tengo, empty pocket losers without a message that speaks to what people need.


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