Monday, October 27, 2008

Who's Your Daddy? Fear of a Unicameral Planet

Recently the McCain campaign has been advancing the idea that we should elect the...ahem...Original Mavericks because it would be a bad thing to have a "durable majority" in government.

That's an interesting notion from the party of Chairman Newt and Chief Gauleiter Karl Rove, both of whom seemed to think having a durable majority was a rather good idea back when they had one, and sought to make it a permanent feature of the political landscape-with their party, of course.

Well. It didn't happen, even though Bill Clinton and the Democratic Leadership Council were the next best thing to the real, 100 per cent bottled in bond Republican administration that Gingrich, Rove, and the rest of that soon to be discredited crew would have liked to have had.

Folks, this is the last week of the Republican satrapy, at least for a while. It's sure as hell the last week of a year that did a damned good job of driving a stake in the heart of the Reagan Revolution.

We're on the eve of change that may well be as important as the election of Lincoln in 1864 or Roosevelt in 1932.


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