Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Legacy of John McCain

It woulda been awful if the Ashley Todd hoax had taken root. Chalk it up to some overeager operatives and a useful idiot. Good thing the Pittsburgh cops are smart enough to know a ringer when they saw one.  

McCain is starting to look a lot like Icarus-you know, the guy who wanted it too much and tossed all the safety precautions, lashed down the safety valves and headed for Hanoi with nukes on board, Ride-of the-Valkyries kinda stuff.....I always thought he was a great senator but he's starting to look like a tragic person. He sold out, he knows it, and it may avail him nothing.  

In addition, in wanting it too bad he hoisted this awful mediocrity-this Potemkin village of a woman -from well deserved obscurity in nowheresville and created a political monstrosity that's going to haunt what's left of the GOP for years and years to come. She LIKES having $150,000 spent on her at Saks and Neiman and an image consultant who got paid $25,000 for six weeks work. I mean, who wouldn't?  

Of course, someone MUST have spoken to her about it because when she appeared on local television today and earlier on stage in western Iowa, her getup was more downmarket than we have seen in a while-faded jeans and a cloth jacket. 

Mrs. Palin's going to be McCain's unfortunate legacy-not the years toiling in the Senate and before that in durance vile at the hands of the NVA and before that in the service of his country...what to do with Sarah Palin is his legacy as surely as the monster was Dr. Frankenstein's.


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