Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nasty As They Wanna Be?

If everything that's been published on FOXNews is to be believed, the fact that the idiot pictured at left has the bad taste to wear this teeshirt, and others who've bought it showed up at Obama rallies ought to offset the offensive and dangerous tone of recent Palin and McCain rallies and the use of Obama's middle name by speakers sent out to warm up the crowd, redolent with arch suggestions of vast, Illuminati style conspiracies of negroes and Arabs.

There's a qualitative and quantitative distinction here that's so obvious it would leave a roomful of three year old toddlers shaking their little heads in dismay.

The one demonstrates only his appalling lack of class, taking a swipe at women generally-which is to be deplored by all. The cure for that is for his mother to wash his mouth out with laundry soap and personally apologize to the people he's offended starting with Governor Palin, who is entitled to the same modicum of respect that any other decent woman is.

I commend it to him-apologizing to the people you've offended is good for the soul and everyone should try it. 

The idiot also speaks only for himself.

The other? Well, that's a little different. Telling a large crowd of angry  people spoiling for a fight that someone's "not like one of us"  is an incitement to violence that Joe Vogler probably would have approved of. 

It's a world of difference. 

Now.....having said all that, people on the right side of the house are making much of the notion that this has not been reported in the mainstream media. And they're right. It hasn't.  Because I looked.

On the other hand, with Google, who in the hell needs the mainstream media anymore? I heard about it and every numbskull who can google "Sarah Palin Is A Cunt" would find exactly what I found.

So let me be the first to say it's offensive, nasty, and Barack Obama ought to reject the presence of such small minded people at his events. 

And that ought to happen the same day that McCain and Palin stop smirking when someone in the audience, prompted by the arch question "Who is the real Barack Obama?" yells out at the top of his lungs "Treason! Kill him!" and the same day that McCain and Palin start talking about what ails America and what they plan on doing to fix it.


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