Friday, November 07, 2008

One More Crack In the Glass Ceiling?

From what we read in the press there's a fair amount of kiss and tell from now unemployed McCain staffers and now underemployed journalist types going on about Sarah Palin and her....ahem...relative naivete in matters geographical and other divers things which I will not bother reciting here. 

These toxic waste dumps are being busily picked over by the schadenfreude crowd. 

Suffice it to say that they range from the moderately catty to the downright nasty. One questions why this is all coming from anonymous sources in the campaign formerly known as McCain Palin.

"B-b-but Sparky!" you say,  "aren't we supposed to do a victory dance after the touchdown?"

Yes. A certain amount of celebration is appropriate. 

But this game is over.

In her own way, Sarah Palin has made historic change possible for a great number of women who now know that having a child in arms and being a housewife from a small town is no bar to being present and accountable when and where history is being made.

Margret Kopala over at Canwest has this to say.

"For those many women who want fulfilling work as well as the very children who will save us from a demographic winter, there's Sarah Palin. Arriving on the Republican ticket as the vice presidential candidate, she held her brood in one arm and, with the other, reached for the brass ring.

In one gesture, she signalled to women everywhere that denying motherhood in order to penetrate glass ceilings is itself now history."


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