Friday, September 01, 2006

Air Safety From the Folks Who Brought You Incredible Victory

Here's how they do it, Islamic Revolution style, according to the International Herald Tribune. At least it shows that they're equal opportunity fuckups in this line of work and don't discriminate against anyone's airplanes.

If this is the way they're going to do nuclear fission, I'm making my reservation for the live pay per view telecast. It should prove to be very interesting indeed.

- Sept. 1, 2006: An Iran Airtour Tu-154 skidded off the runway and smashed its wing as it landed in the northeastern city of Mashhad, sparking a fire that killed 29 of the 148 people aboard.
- Jan. 11, 2005: A French-made Falcon, carrying a commander of the elite Revolutionary Guards and 10 other officers, crashed while trying to make an emergency landing, killing all aboard.
- Dec. 6, 2005: A C-130 military transport carrying Iranian journalists crashed into a 10-story building in a Tehran suburb as the pilot attempted an emergency landing after developing engine trouble, killing 115 people - 94 in the plane and 21 on the ground.
- April 20, 2005: An Iranian airlines Boeing 707 carrying 157 passengers skidded off a runway at Tehran's airport and caught fire, killing three people.
- Dec. 23, 2004: A Ukrainian-built Antonov 140 aircraft, carrying aerospace scientists mostly from Russia and Ukraine, crashed in central Iran, killing all 44 aboard.
- June 25, 2003: A C-130 transport crashed near the Rudshour River, about 30 miles southwest of Tehran, killing seven people.
- Feb. 19, 2003: A Russian-made Ilyushin 76 carrying members of the elite Revolutionary Guards crashed in the mountains of southeastern Iran, killing 302 people aboard.


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