Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Bozo Awards

For this week we have two candidates.

The prizewinner is Zulima Farber, attorney general of New Jersey until today, when she was forced to resign her post after seven months on the job. Seems that she appeared on the scene of a traffic stop in which her housemate was getting a hassle from the locals for not having a seatbelt, no license, etc etc. and although she did not do anything illegal, the ethics stench that arose forced her resignation...I wonder if her pal appreciates her losing her cushy job over a traffic ticket. Come to think of it, her driving record's not so good either as during her confirmation hearings seven months ago it was shown that she'd had at least 13 moving violations, 3 license suspensions, and two arrest warrants for failure to appear.

The other one's George Allen, the senatuh f'um Vuhginia, suh, who referred to an Asian campaign worker for the opposition as "machaca"...George says he didn't mean anything by it. Oh well.

Honorable mention goes to President Ahmadinejad of Iran, who declared this week that what had happened in Lebanon was more or less God's expression of solidarity with muslims the world over. Here's a quote from FARS, the national news agency of the Iranian brain trust.

Speaking to reporters upon his arrival in the north western province of Ardabil Tuesday afternoon, the President noted the recent victories of the Lebanese resistance movement and said Hezbollah's triumph had many good lessons for humanity.

"One of such lessons was manifestation of the very fact that God fulfills what He has promised," Ahmadinejad pointed out, reminding that on the scene of Lebanon, all political and economic power was concentrated on one side, while a group of energetic and faithful youth were standing on the other side.

"And God Almighty assisted the latter because it moved for God," he continued.

The chief executive official mentioned that the victory of the Lebanese nation opened the way of glory and honor for the whole humanity.

Sheesh....if that's how God fulfils his promises, I'll take my chances with the Dark One. Such a victory nobody needs more of.


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