Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto Gets the Boot From Big Heads in Nowheresville

It's been widely reported that the International Astronomic Union, meeting in Prague have taken a vote and decided that Pluto, formerly one of the nine planets, has now been relegated to the dustbin of history and kicked into the low rent district more or less, and out of the lexicon of millions of schoolkids.

The IAU has left thousands of puzzled toddlers shaking their heads in dismay over this contretemps. I mean, who ARE these people? Pluto has always been sort of a planetary outsider, alone on its 250 year orbit out there in the darkness, and does not depend on the IAU and the city of Prague for validation.

It is what it is, and if I want to declare Pluto a planet or the home of the best sweet corn this side of Alpha Centauri, I shall continue to do so. As will numerous other folks. I am a citizen of the solar system with rights coequal to any number of fuzzy headed savants who are not getting rid of Pluto that easily.


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