Thursday, August 24, 2006

Famous Last Words From da Festung

It is reported today by the Times that Festung Airbus has ordered an audit of the A400M program just to make sure everything's absolutely plu perfect better than ever.

An EADS flatulizer (where do Boeing and Airbus get these kind of people? Is there someone at central casting I can call?) insisted that the A400M program is "fully funded and ring fenced and there is no question of resources being taken away from A400M to go to the A380 or A350."

There. The Festung has spoken. I'm sure everyone feels ever so much better.

I can just hear the A400M engineers and worker bees protesting as they're dragged away from their hideyholes to work on the A380 and A350 programs "s-s-sacre bleu, Sparky! We're ring fenced. This cannot go on!"


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