Friday, August 18, 2006

Suspicions Confirmed: Moral Bankruptcy Is Contagious

It's reported this day that Andrew Young-you know, the outspoken civil rights mouthpiece and former U.N. Ambassador-is resigning as head of a Walmart sponsored anti union front organization because of his racially insensitive, rude, insulting and stupid remarks.

This isn't the first time Young made with the crack whore routine selling his image to anyone with a problem, as he was formerly a paid apologist for Nike's sweatshops and scab factories in Asia. I guess he figured that was OK by him because it didn't put any of "his people" out of jobs. I guess third world labor exploitation's just another coupon to be cashed in his mind.

In an interview yesterday in the Sentinel, he was asked about Walmart being the cause of a lot of small, main street stores getting run out of business. He opined that this had happened, it was a good thing that Walmart did it, and it got rid of stores owned by Jews, Koreans, and Arabs because black people didn't own the small stores in the main, and that they'd ripped off "our people" long enough.

Young, in a masterpiece of understatement said he'd caused a firestorm, and he shouldn't have said what he did.

Thanks, Andy. The clarification is important. You can pick up your final check at the front desk.

Walmart moved to distance themselves from Young's intemperate and offensive remarks.


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