Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Professors? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Professors!

It seems that President Ahmadinejad-you know, that wild and crazy guy from Iran- has taken a breather from wishing the Jews into nonexistence, giving the Hezbollah boys their marching orders in Lebanon, and baiting the civilized world with his nuclear ambitions....where was I? Oh, I remember now.

He's recently teed off against the 'secular and liberal' professors and academics who apparently have been quietly undermining him and his cronies and doing all sorts of nasty stuff...well, he's taking them to task.

I wonder, who does he think is going to build all those atom bombs and guided missiles to carry them-a bunch of book toting clerics stuck in the 9th century?

Why screw around? Shut the damned universities, Mahmoud. Send everyone back to the farm. Declare the last 1,000 years a big mistake. Go for it.

The cops in Iran-you know, the ones in old army field jackets who call themselves 'students' and took over from the Shah's hated Savak-well, they're on a campaign to wipe out satellite dishes and other sources of information from the rest of the world that to paraphrase are 'drainin' off his vital national bodily fluids'.

All of which lends credence to the notion that this guy really doesn't have a good grip on reality-which may be something of a bonus to the rest of the world.


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