Tuesday, September 05, 2006

DC Court Slam Dunks Airbus Effort to Ditch Bronckers, Barshefsky

In an issue that is of interest only to folks in the legal field, the DC court has stopped (at least for now) the Airbus effort to remove two lawyers who work for Wilmer Hale from further work on behalf of its arch rival Boeing.

It was Airbus' strategy to file a request for relief in DC Superior Court based on an alleged conflict of interest. The court concluded that Airbus did not have standing to protest the activities of Barshefsky, former US Trade Representative at the WTO and that it could adjudicate the matter with respect to Marco Bronckers if and only if the WTO complaints that are at the heart of the issue look back before 1992 which essentially means, they're finished.

The folks at Wilmer Hale et al were kind enough to furnish this scribe a copy of the Airbus complaint back before anyone in the rest of the world really know what the court was thinking. My guess is that as savvy District lawyers they had a good fix on the likely outcome. Thanks, folks.

One can only wonder what Airbus was thinking in pursuing this action. Surely their counsel was as wise to the likely outcome as Wilmer Hale and were not tilting at windmills. One thing we understand here in the midwest is that there is rarely a benefit that will accrue to a litigant who spends their substance in what is essentially a sideshow.

I mean, assume that Airbus got Wilmer Hale and Barshefsky and Bronckers off the case-so what? It's not going to change the larger issues or the facts that are out there, and what it does is piss off the courts, gets everyone angry, and doesn't advance the Airbus position one iota.

Pointless litigation at high prices, anyone?


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