Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Des Moines Parks and Rec. Declares Jihad Against Fishermen

Recently something that's been brewing in this burg has broken out in the open, and that, of course, is the ban on fishing in certain areas of the Riverwalk and down by Gray's Lake. Hizzoner and the Godfather of Parks and Rec says that they've had complaints about litter, trash and so on, but I don't see anyone complaining about the litter and dog crap that you usually find along the Riverwalk, none of which can be traced to anglers.

How about just buying a few litter baskets? 55 gallon drums are cheap enough and I'd even paint them for these thugs.

My friend Mike, a passionate angler from Virginia Beach says that people have been fishing long before the Parks and Rec Department or the City decided that they had to bow the knee to their corporate masters in 801 (you know who they are) and run off the anglers and other people who clutter the view. He further says that the right to fish and feed your family thereby is a common law right that has existed from ancient days and is part of our heritage as yeomen.

Of course, it does stretch the point to compare this to the hated Acts of Enclosure but the City has been pushing around the powerless for years, whether it's running off the homeless from their untidy Hoovervilles along the rivers or the recent jihad against lunch trucks, based on the shoddy premise that they were making the view on south 14th Street ugly. 

Really now? Southeast 14th Street ugly? Perish the thought.


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