Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crusoe's Island Part III. Things Fall Apart.

They told me about the possibility of this happening, but I was not really ready for it. As I was watching teevee last night I idly twisted a hank of my not too common hair around one finger and tugged......and it came out. Rather easily too, like uprooting a defunct tussock of grass in the lawn.

I think that's a signal to me to go and get a buzzcut next week and keep it short until this is all over.

The prednisone made my fingers and the inside of my mouth numb for a few days but aside from that I got through the stuff ok. Next Friday and I shall be one third through the chemo.

That's something to be thankful for I guess.

ADDENDA: There's benefit to be found here. This strips life right down to the bare essentials as I realize I don't have to worry any more about my dick not measuring up in some kinda contest and I do not have to worry whether "I'll be ready when the moment is right", as the adverts say.

I'm past that. At least for now.


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