Saturday, December 07, 2013

Crusoe's Island Part IV. Selkirk Gets Accustomed To His Surroundings

I had my second load of chemo yesterday, and since it was determined I took it pretty well, why, they just upped my download speed (so to speak) and I was done with the whole thing in five hours which included reading most of Mary Chesnut's Diaries on my Kindle. Thank goodness for good visible veins.

I did feel a little woozy but when I got out in the cold air I was well enough to drive home.  I did have a significant headache all last night but I'm in good enough shape today to go to war with the Westwood IT boffins over their consistent screwing up of my passwords.

That battle must be fought out today and I am just grumpy enough for that struggle. Film at 11.


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