Thursday, December 12, 2013

Selkirk Gets Seasick and Wonders What He's Doing.

The second load of chemo went in  and I think the prednisone is what's causing me problems. A general fogginess, lack of sleep, and lassitude have caused me to dial back on a lot of amp repair work until I get through this bad stage. Once the five days is up today I can start coming out of the fog and get buckled down to some real work.

I got lucky today. I had a misdemeanor court trial and the defendant was a totally wacky Liberian  who would not shut up and listen to me for a minute. Lucky me, the cop didn't show up and the ticket was dismissed. I know there is a G-d and sometimes He hears my prayers. This was a gift.

UPDATE: Here it is a week later and I'm starting to come out of the haze so it's time to get some work done and some serious guitar practice before the 27th when I get to hit the halfway point. I have a few amp jobs to crank out and I've withdrawn from most of my PD cases so getting down to essentials. Tomorrow it's time to put together a couple more amps and get them gone and clean up the shop.


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