Thursday, December 11, 2008

Republican Twilight of the Gods

The current contretemps over finance, and what to do about it has us puzzled here at the Dougloid Towers. 

On the one hand, AIG walks away with 85 billion of our dollars that we're going to have to borrow from the Chinese, the deal's done on the weekend, and nobody raises an eyebrow, just write out a check please, thank you.

Citi-you know, those folks who sic their collection dogs on you when you get a week behind on your credit card-their deal gets done on a weekend when nobody's in town and the switchboard's closed. Everyone's friends here when the keys to the vault are handed to Citi.  

But when it's the interests of working people of this country and the survival of some of the biggest employers here the attitude of the Republican swing members in the senate is "F*** 'em. Let 'em starve." 

Saving Wall Street, it seems, is much more important than what happens on Woodward Avenue.

It reminds me of a Wagnerian opera on the Potomac. The Republican gods have only got a little more time left, and one more chance to piss on the ordinary people of this country seems to be more temptation than they can resist.

Let the industrial base of this country go, and the Motor City is more likely to look like Hamburg in 1945. 

That's before the grass grows in every street.


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