Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Composite Applications: Window Frames

The JEC people have an article on their website that details the qualification of CFRP window frames for the B787 by Nordam. As anyone who has followed the history of commercial pressurized aviation and who quakes when they hear the words "Comet" and "hoop stress" knows, this is a very classy, high durability high strength product.

It's well worth a look to see how the material science is progressing and to see all the other interesting stuff and good information on composites the JEC people are getting out there.

It is said the B787 first flight is set for sometime around August of this year. It will be one of two things-a game changing, rule changing event on the order of magnitude of the B247 or DC1, or it will be a huge balls up that finishes Boeing. They really have bet the company on the technology.


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