Monday, February 26, 2007

Obsolete Technology, Part II

When I blogged about my recently acquired Spotmatic II that looked like it could replace Old Number 1, the only thing that was missing was a test run. So on the way out of Walgreens I grabbed a roll of film-the good stuff from Kodak-and proceeded to load it up. We had a rainstorm that turned into an ice storm that turned into a snowstorm, so when I looked out the door I knew that no better tableau would be presenting itself.
The heft and k'clak! as the mirror cycled was as I remembered it, and the procedure of focus-check the exposure-stop down and adjust was something stored in some dusty archive inside my mind.
Well-there you have it. If we ever needed a reminder of the difference between photography and taking snapshots, there it is. Don't even get me started about grain structure, clarity and resolution. It's there, for all the world to see, and I'm starting to think that there's going to be a darkroom in my future very soon.
When you get tired of digital snaps of the kids and the dog, and you need to answer the question: "What WAS it about film?", then you're ready to start learning the craft and art and precision that's found in film.


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