Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Official: Four to Go at Airbus, More to Follow UPDATE 1

The Associated Press reports today that Airbus has confirmed it will sell four plants-two in France and two in Germany as part of its much ballyhooed Power8 restructuring plan. Meaulte and St. Nazaire in France are gone, as are Nordenham and Varel in Germany. Part of St. Nazaire will be closed.

Further details are to be announced as the day wears on, but from this place it looks as if Airbus is balancing the books on the backs of working stiffs, tank rats, rivet smashers, painters, tug drivers and wash rack hose artists. Thus is it ever with management.


Reuters reports that the A350 will be built exclusively in Toulouse and Hamburg will build whatever replaces the A320. In addition partners will be sought for Nordenham, Meaulte and Filton in the UK , while Varel and Laupheim in Germany and Saint Nazaire Ville in France will be sold. According to a union representative 5,000 casualties will be Airbus employees and 5,000 casualties will be at suppliers. This will be done, so 'tis said, without layoffs.

And I'm the Tooth Fairy.

Back in the day of Imperial Rome, there was a Senator, name of Cato the Elder.

Cato was the original single issue politician, and his single issue was the destruction of Carthage, over on the other side of the Mediterranean. Cato would make sure that his message Cartago delenda est!-Carthage must be destroyed! was heard in every speech, in every conversation at a party, in his goings out and his comings in, as the Book says. Eventually, Rome got the message.

What Airbus needs is a Cato the Elder to rid it of the cement overcoat, in Jersey parlance, that the A380 has become. Instead, they're burning the furniture to heat the house.


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