Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Huge Job Cuts at Airbus?

There's an interesting article I've linked to that characterized the Airbus job cuts that are coming as 'huge'. I probably would have used the words 'significant, unavoidable, but likely insufficient'.

I guess it's all in perspective. When I was at Douglas, the highest the employment ever got was about 47,000. When I got the layoff notice that could not be avoided, we were down to 34,000.

The day I went out the plant gate for the last time, 3,600 other workers hit the bricks as well on that same day-it was raining like hell and they let me keep my slicker which was something.

That's 'huge'. But life, as they say, goes on within you and without you.

If I have any words of wisdom to the Airbus worker bees who are going to lose their jobs it is this.

It won't happen for a while so you've got some breathing room. Stop buying anything on time. Work all the overtime you can get and stash that money in the bank. Instead of a new car, give the Citroen a ring and valve job and some new tires. Forget about the big screen teevee and the vacation. Stay around the home place and plant a vegetable garden.

Start developing a plan for the rest of your life without Airbus.

And this: start a blog. It's good therapy.


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