Thursday, March 01, 2007

Update on Floyd Landis

It's been reported that Floyd Landis is pressing ahead with his quest to vindicate himself and his victory in last year's Tour de France.

Israel's Sportingo suggests that the case against Landis may be taking on more water than it can hold. Let us fervently hope that the 'case' sinks beneath the waves. The article's well worth the read, also the linked Los Angeles Times story.

At this point, there are enough doubts about the veracity and reliability of the WADA procedure as to cast a cloud of doubt over the entire process by which Landis has been crucified. Recently revealed problems including:
  • a document that was anonymously altered after Landis questioned its accuracy
  • improper operation of critical lab test equipment contrary to specifications
  • not having the operating manual and using obsolete system software
  • lab possession of documents linking Landis with his sample

Most troubling is that the USADA has also asked the same French lab to retest nine Landis B samples in which the A samples were found to be clean and destroyed. USADA is thus seeking to introduce 'new' evidence at the Court of Arbitration for Sport hearing on May 14 in which Floyd's fate, and that of all other athletes being clobbered by this modern day Salem witch hunt, depends.

There is, however, some good news. WADA's own answer to Il Duce, Dick Pound, will be stepping down this year. He's been in the news, too. The Montreal Mouth has been criticized by no less than the International Olympic Committee for-as usual-making snotty comments about Lance Armstrong and an alleged doping incident in 1999, said incident having already been thoroughly discredited in everybody's mind except that of His Nibs.

Lest it be forgotten. Floyd Landis won the Tour last year fair and square all the while dragging a bum leg that would have you and I writhing in pain and unable to get out of bed.


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