Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rumor Mill Reaches Warp Speed:Update.

Pending some sort of earthshaking announcement from Festung Airbus about the A380 program. Here are the hot rumors.

It is rumored that further delays will be announced and Hamburg may be getting the bum's rush here. Production could be moved to the dollar zone to glom the air tanker contracts from the USAF. The Chinese A320 factory project may go down the tube.

We'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: It is reported in the Australian this day, by way of Agencie France Presse, that CEO Christian Strieff of Airbus announced a major restructuring plan today in Amsterdam. Although no firm details have as yet emerged it is likely to include severe cost cutting measures including layoffs, outsourcing and the usual range of distasteful remedies. It's also rumored that the remedies will include cutting in half the number of A380s that are slated to be delivered next year.

It's also been revealed what people have been saying for a while. Wake turbulence off the A380 is going to require greter separation distances, according to aviation authorities in Europe and the U.S.

Stay tuned-it's a breaking story.,5942,20500818,00.html


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