Friday, September 15, 2006

Beam Me Aboard Scotty: No Intelligent Life Here

fatality666 is the online name of the moron who walked into a room full of strangers in Montreal and shot a bunch of them before capping himself-which, as it happens, is the only good thing he ever did with his sorry assed life.

As infamy goes this is of passing interest-I doubt whether anyone will recognize his name next week, and that is a good thing.

One can rest assured of one thing, though. There are those in Canada who will lay this at George W. Bush's door and blame everyone in the United States for the acts of a single unstable Canadian citizen. Despite the fact that this is a Canadian story from start to finish and something of a cold shower for the cultural superiority theorists in el Norte I am sure they will find a way around it and make the connection.

If you must know more about the late Kimveer Gill, you can see it all in the Los Angeles Times.,0,2140123,full.story


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