Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Memo to bin Laden: Don't Mess Around With Bashir

It is widely reported today that Syrian cops learned of a pending assault on the U.S. Embassy in Damascus, got to the scene and settled the score with the would be jihadis in a decisive manner.

What it demonstrates is that the Syrians are capable of managing affairs within their borders and aren't about to tolerate any foolishness of the 72 virgins by midnight variety-at least on their own turf. It also means that they take diplomatic security seriously and do not want to be in the position of having to cope with another Nairobi incident. As expected, the SecState and others expressed their appreciation for the prompt and efficient service. It may not be the bloom of spring, but it is at least something we can agree was a good thing, well executed.

The film tonight of the aftermath showed what looked like a group of efficient and well organized people with a real sense of purpose. It's to the credit of Syria.

It also points out the wisdom of something my old boss used to say. You never do your business too close to the water hole. Other animals may resent it and react badly.


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