Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A380 Program Faces More Delay Says BAE Chief

It's reported today that Mike Turner, CEO of BAE Systems, has said that he would be surprised if there were not more delays with the A380 program. BAE, you may recall is trying manfully to dump its 20 per cent chunk of Airbus, an asset which is declining in value like a popsicle on the hood of a car in midsummer declines in size-it's visible.

Of course, one of the talking heads at Festung Airbus is saying that he has no idea where Turner would have picked up that bit of information. They seem to have an unending supply of flakcatchers, don't they? Airbus, meanwhile is in the middle of a program audit, a whale of a problem with their wiring harnesses that has caused significant and adverse delays, and we haven't even gotten to the issue of what the Big Fellow weighs.

There's the smoke. How long before we see the fire extinguishers?


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