Friday, June 23, 2006

Why Do These Guys Think They Can Get Away With It: The Rogues' Gallery

The Prussian Airplane Company is not totally immune from bad news today, either. It was reported that one Robert Rice, Boeing's former director of something called "suppy chain management" was sentenced in federal court to a year in prison and ordered to pay restitution of nearly $300,000 to his former employer.

It seems that Bobby Boy, as his new cellmate calls him, had a company purchasing card that was to be used for projects outside normal purchasing channels. He and another employee by the name of Lisa Hernandez teamed up on the scam. They'd purchase items for themselves on the card. The items they billed to the company included a $52,000 BMW automobile, vacations, home improvements, artwork and jewelry. These folks also set up a phony company to submit bills for training materials and Rice would then withdraw money from the shell company accounts for his own use.

When, oh when, will people learn to keep their hands off things they do not have a right to? I saw a number of people get terminated from Douglas for various and sundry dishonest things, including one guy who got the boot for tossing a bundle of rags over the fence into the back of his truck.


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