Thursday, June 15, 2006

Somalia's Back On the Case: Round Up the Usual Suspects

There's a most interesting article in yesterday's Los Angeles Times that is food for thought for the bemused.

In it, Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Gedi scourged the international community for not getting right in there and getting something organized in his country, and he called on everyone to support him and stop the bloodshed.

The most interesting factoid is that there's actually a Somali prime minister. Whether Mr. Gedi has a colorable claim to some authority to say anything other than "I'll have cheese and fries with that burger" is unknown. A more appropriate question at the conference where this surprise was sprung on an unsuspecting world would have been "Who da eff is this guy?"

It seems that his opposite number in the Islamic Courts Union is running the show and receiving planeloads of weaponry from those fine folks in Yemen.

The entire affaire has taxed the credibility of three year old toddlers, some of whom were seen shaking their heads in dismay.


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