Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blood in the Water? Stay Tuned.

It was reported by Reuters this am that Singapore International Airlines has placed a firm order for 20 Boeing 787s. Does this signify a tectonic shift in the high management of the airline? Possibly.

Lest anyone forget, The Singapore Girl cancelled an order for 20 MD11s for a lot less in the way of cause than they've got here with the people from Festung Airbus. That's got to worry the people in the marketing department.

Coming on the heels of the announcement of more big delays in the A380 program and ongoing dithering and indecision about the A350, the odor of decomposition emanating from the Festung is becoming unmistakable. According to NPR this morning, the price of EADS shares declined by 30 per cent on news of the A380 delays.

Stay tuned.

Update 8:35 am CDST

It is reported this morning that Malaysia Airlines, which has 6 A380 Albatrosses on order is 'reviewing the termos of its agreement with Airbus' with respect to its A380 order 'to decide on next steps'.

Update 12:05 pm CDST: et tu, Qantas?

It is reported that Qantas is also rethinking its position re its Albatross order.


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