Friday, June 23, 2006

Public Cell Phone Morons: Will They Listen?

We were interested, then bemused and then just plain offended at the number of people-predominantly women-who seem to spend inordinate time in public having inane cell phone conversations with unknown parties.

It's a common enough sight and one that imposes altogether too much boredom, delays while we are waiting for the inane conversation to end so that the woman in front of us in the grocery checkout line gets her ass in gear, or drama as her amours are broadcast to strangers who just do not want to hear any more. I clearly remember one woman, nearly in tears in the supermarket over between the cabbages and the red peppers wailing "You never come home anymore!". Way too much drama.

Anyway the Times of London informs us here at the Dougloid Papers that when one wanders out in a thunderstorm having a cell phone conversation, the chances are better than ever that the offender will get one of Jove's thunderbolts right in the offending device and perhaps doing a little electric lobotomy along the way.

All of which has us invoking the weather gods and looking anxiously at the weather radar in the hope of some relief here. Let us all fervently pray for thunderstorms a plenty and people who aren't smart enough to come in out of the rain and shut up.


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