Thursday, June 22, 2006

NTSB: Chalk's Maintenance Inadequate?

It is reported in the Miami Herald this afternoon that the National Transportation Safety Board has released documents relating to the crash of a Chalk's seaplane last December 19.

In the report are statements by former employees of the airline that maintenance was neglected and in some cases concerning the aircraft that crashed maintenance records were missing and maintenance procedures used were ineffective or improperly done. Wing repairs were not inspected, improper and undersized fasteners were used and no records were available for major repairs to cracks in the skin.

The jury's just about in, folks. Shit happens, we all know that. But shit happens, in most cases because it was made to happen, or somebody let it happen, or somebody was such a moron that they didn't know enough to prevent it happening.

Any way you cut it, it's coming back to maintenance that ranges from the pathetic to the nonexistent. If it was me, I'd hang up my spurs and avoid the company of honest aviation mechanics because I wouldn't be worthy of the name.

Photo credit: CNN from amateur sources.


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