Tuesday, June 02, 2015


I spend a lot of time hanging around facebook and it seems that there are producers of so called "memes" a/k/a atrocity propaganda posters that get me tearing my hair out. By far the worst is Occupy Democrats, and they're blaming everything short of planter's warts and black widow spiders on-you guessed it-George W. Bush.

Lifelong Democrat that I am, George W. Bush single handedly saved me from bankruptcy court, a run down pickup truck, an empty refrigerator, and a run down apartment on the bad side of town.

So here's my story.

Like a lot of other people I borrowed to finance higher education at usurious rates of interest.

Well, I laid that bankroll on a horse that broke its leg on the back stretch-he and I never had a chance, you see.

I went through four years of law school, and I was $80k in debt, which at 9-1/2 per cent per annum compounded is now south of $200k, even though I managed to pay off better than $85k when I was working for Kaplan and making $1,400 a month payments. Right off the top, before I ate.

About 2007, a bill came through Congress called the College Cost Reduction etc etc Act. What it did was put into place "Income Based Repayment". What this did was peg your loan payments to your disposable income with a cap, and forgiveness after 25 years.

Although his party did not support or vote for the bill, President Bush signed it into law. And with that pen, my student loan payments were reduced substantially. Now that I am officially a senior citizen on social security my payments are small. I'm living a modest life with food in the fridge and a smallish steak now and again, free from the fear of that fucking monkey on my back.

Republican though he is, no Democrat has EVER done more for me. Ever.

So post your memes, fools. I'm not buying.

And thank you, Mister President. From a lifelong Democrat whose parents always taught him to think about what people have done for you lately rather than what hifalutin nonsense they spout off.. Speaking of that, what has the latest President done for me?

Jack shit, that's what.


At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Jim Barnett, dolphinvet said...

You know this one kinda brought a tear to my eye.


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