Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pencils Redux

I posted a while ago about pencils and how I loved them-at least good ones.

Please don't take me to an office supply store, because I'll probably buy more pencils.

On Monday, however, I hit a homer so to speak. There on the rack were nice boxes of Staedtler Eco Pencils and a pack of eighteen, made in Germany no less, was under five dollars. In the basket they went.

One thing about the Germans is that they get the details right. I got these home, opened the pack, sharpened one up and then went online and found out that these are not made from wood blanks, but are extruded, lead and all, and made from recycled wood and plastic.

Well. They look good, feel very good in the hand, draw nice clean lines, and sharpen up without splintering like the cheapish Vietnamese pencils that have flooded the Office Depots and Staples of the world.

The only thing missing is the smell of American incense cedar that you get with the real thing. C'mon, Staedtler. You can do it.

Here's what they say


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