Monday, May 11, 2015

Food Stamp Challenge Part 4: Back On The Case

After some consideration of the finances and the available offerings on the market the Dragon Lady and I settled on a particular Whirlpool model fridge. Shopping for the best price and ready availability we ended up with the Lowes people who had one in local stock. With a five year service contract, tax, and several other bells and whistles we did not need like the ice maker (no water line), a few bags of ice were purchased, the perishables that were worth saving were transferred to the cooler and the delivery men arrived on time. It's a 22 cu/ft model and I believe our previous unit was an 18 cu/ft model as this one's slightly larger overall. Whatever. It's proof positive that you can put eight pounds of shit in a five pound bag if you work at it.

The standard cutout has changed over the years so in a kitchen like ours you only get so much room to play with, and we just barely made it. The top scrunches the cabinet where I keep my cookbooks but I was informed that when the insulation is installed the refrigerator tends to pooch out a little and that's where my "available" 1/2 inch went to.

So the $41 Food Stamps Challenge rolls forward starting this afternoon.


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