Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Food Stamp Challenge Part Three: Entropy Steps In.

After day one was successfully concluded, The Dragon Lady requested a Klondike Bar from her side of the fridge. It felt awful squishy, and that's about when I found out that the Amana that I'd done battle with here back in 2009 had more or less downed tools and gone on strike.

It still sort of works enough so I won't lose too much grub, but I will have to fill up the cooler with ice for the changeover which is going to happen tomorrow if all the auguries remain in place and the chicken entrails divine correctly.

A little shopping around and some heated words with mi esposa and we arrived at a conclusion and a price that saved us some cash. Lowe's had the model and make we wanted, in stock in the store, on sale, with an extra five per  cent off for applying for and using a Lowe's credit card and free delivery and removal of the old clunker. The extended warranty was relatively inexpensive and we got out the door for a couple hundred bucks less than anywhere else.

It pays to shop around.

Once we've got things under control, the project resumes. Until then stay tuned.


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