Sunday, September 21, 2008

More News From The Straight Dope Express

We're reliably informed by a gentleman of impeccable credentials who watched 60 Minutes that th' gennelmun from Arizona says that Andrew Cuomo would be a nice pick for SEC Commissioner even though he's a Democrat. 

If you're discussing this sort of bipartisanship with the average Republican it's code. What it really means is that his family is a bunch of baby murdering queers who are itchin' to get married to each other and perpetuate the reign of Jews and Freemasonry but he may have some uses, to wit, hoodwinking the rest of his odious tribe.

In other news he also allowed  as how he'd get politics out of the White House by moving the political office into a rented trailer somewhere on the White House grounds. But the coil cords on all the telephones will stay as is, and a high speed escalator will be installed, and someone, most likely the veep will take a stencil and paint some of those yellow footprints on the sidewalk so nobody gets lost, you see.

images courtesy Disney, this is all non profit.


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