Thursday, September 18, 2008

Late Night In the Straight Talk Express

Everyone that says Sen. John McCain is firm on the issues listen up.

McCain was in Michigan this day and after an appearance at a General Motors plant laid on the sympathy for the poor downtrodden auto workers of the state. He's now in favor of offshore drilling as a means of improving the market for truck sales, and he's in favor of a $25 billion line of credit for the automakers.

This is the same fellow who said a month ago at a visit to the General Motors Tech Center in Warren that he wasn't going to be in favor of any loans to the auto industry.  You remember that, don't you? Or are you a nation of whiners like Phil Gramm thinks?

I don't know about you but even if I gotta live in a dumpster I'm glad that none of those homos are going to get married when John and Clarabelle are running the show.

"Honey, they're on the phone again." "Oh, OK....tell them 100 more years of war or something like that. That oughtta get their minds off Michigan for a while."

Foto pix credit Detroit Free Press, bes' li'l ole scandal sheet in the Motor City, doncha see?


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