Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Screwed It Up For 8 Years, Let Us Fix It?

Recently we've been hearing a lot of the lady over on the left. That's right folks, Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska and one time mayor of beautiful downtown Wasilla, Alaska and VP candidate in the McCain campaign.

Parenthetically, we here in Iowa like small towns. We have plenty of 'em and we have plenty of experience with politicians who come from small towns, and the general rule is that what you learn as a small town mayor is place centric-it doesn't travel well. 

She's got a way with words and a pleasing look about her, and a way of treating truth like silly putty, even when it's been repeatedly pointed out that, as in the case of the airplane sold on eBay for a profit that really was not, that she's....ahem...telling a whopper.

Why is this woman important? Because a vote for McCain is a vote for Palin because John McCain is an old geezer. Because of his age and his health he's much more likely to die in office than a younger fellow.

As Matthew Dowd said on NPR this morning (more or less) the message McCain is delivering in co-opting the notion of change is "We had it for 8 years and we screwed it up. Give us 8 more years to fix it."

However, there is hope, and I do not mean Hope, Arkansas.

Ultimately Mrs. Palin will have to rise and fall on where she stands on the issues of the day.   

And that will settle the matter.  


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