Monday, July 28, 2008

What Does This Man Know That You Don't?

What does this man know that you don't? It's simple. This is the third time in a row that Wim Van Sevenant of Belgium has received the Lantern Rouge, folks. That's right, he's been dead last in the last three Tours.
And you know what else? That's the face of a man who never-NEVER gives up, or thinks he's got business elsewhere that's more pressing, or that maybe it's getting pretty lonely in the back of the pack and the beer's on ice at the next village, or maybe he ought to tip the nitro can so to speak and move up a few places in the standings.
No, friends, look on the face of a man who never quits.
Wim finished 145th. And that means he is one of a select few, because in the Tour, many are called but few are chosen. He's a credit to Silence-Lotto and the great nation of Belgium.
Photo courtesy of Amaury Sport Organisation, bes' li'l ole promoter in France, doncha know, because they can put on a SHOW, cantcha see?


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