Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some Things Haven't Changed Very Much

This is an interesting photo of what's left of a Kalitta Air 747 that expired in a ground accident in Belgium-perhaps a rejected takeoff incident due to an unspecified engine problem.
The only reason this is newsworthy is that I spent a few days at Willow Run working on a customer Mitsubishi MU2 and had a good long look at what Connie was doing in the aviation business at the time. He specialized in clapped out Lears and MU2s hauling anything anyplace for anyone willing to fork over the cash, and his operation didn't have such a good reputation in Michigan aviation circles.
In that respect it wasn't too much different than the operation that ended up getting my friend Steve Nichols killed. He worked for National Flight Services and was building right seat time flying auto parts around the midwest. Although the registration of the aircraft was to something called Bay Air there was some connection to National.


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