Thursday, September 18, 2008

They End Up Devouring Their Young, Don't They?

We're informed today that the only American victim in the recent suicide bombing of the embassy in Yemen was Susan El-Baneh, an American 18 year old who'd gone there to be married to a Yemeni fellow.

The newlyweds were wiped off the face of the earth by al Qaeda operatives.

There's some familial connection to Jaber El-Baneh, who currently occupies a slot in a rather exclusive club but he was not available for comment.

Her brother, Ahmed, said this:

"They say they do this for a cause, but there is no cause," he said. "A cause is when you sit down and talk, not when you kill millions and millions of people, now including my sister among them. What is the cause for that?"

To that we sadly say "Amen". 

Photo credit WKBW


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