Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The File iertutil.dll Cannot Be Located: Have A Nice Day

I've just finished a Windows stripout and reinstall and I've a couple of points that should be of interest to people who are using the Windows platform and IE.

Yes, I know, I know, Firefox is better, Mac is better, Linux is better, blah blah blah. The love-in's down the hall.

Now. For the rest of you.

The problems that led to this began with some quirkiness in IE 6 that led me to try using IE7. The problem wasn't really managed so I reverted to IE6 and that's where the problems really got underway. What I would come up with was an error message that said that iertutil.dll could not be located and IE had to shut down, sorry about that.

I tried several online fixes, and things got progressively worse. I was able to do a system restore in Windows safe mode and get my desktop back and SAVE MY FILES, but I still had the ie 'missing file' problem even though the file was right where it was supposed to be.

The critical point here is that I learned that this happens an awful lot if you try IE7 and decide you don't like it and get rid of it....you'll keep getting that error message and when you get it IE closes down.

So don't try IE7 unless you're going to keep it or strip out and reload Windows as I did. It can't be fixed or worked around.And don't let Microsoft slip it to you as a "windows update". It's like a date rape drug-you'll wake up with a sore spot between your legs and you won't remember how you got it.

Well, brother Klaus made a believer in backup out of me the other day after I had done reading a very interesting article on hard drive failure rates, and I went and sprung for a 320 gb Western Digital USB hard drive. Street price is about a C-note at Office Despot.

Even though Comp USA is closing its stores and selling out to the four walls they're still more money.

It came with a free trial application that automates the backup tasks and ended up catching a few folders I'd missed. It does a nice job of automating all the stuff including snagging a copy of the IE favorites file and the OE mail file-even though I'd done the mail I plumb forgot about the favorites.So I'm back in business, the IE problem is gone, all my files were saved (about three years worth of work) and the backup application is running in the background.

It's cheap insurance, people.


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