Saturday, December 01, 2007

Richard Convertino Update: I'll Have the Crow, But Only A Small Slice

Some of you with long memories-one in particular-may remember when I blogged back in March of 2006 about the indictment of former US attorney Richard Convertino and his associate Harry Smith in Detroit.

In fact, that person took me to task for my remarks, and that was when I crafted the formal policy on moderation of posts that you now see on the masthead.

The Detroit Free Press informs us that as of October 30, Mr. Convertino was acquitted on all charges stemming from allegedly concealing evidence in a Federal prosecution.

So deal me up a small slice of crow.

However, as anyone familiar with the workings of the justice system can tell you, what that means is not that the guy's not guilty.
It means that the jury couldn't convict on the evidence they were presented with-and what the jury doesn't see often tells a story in greater detail than what they do see.

And there's the small matter of the pending charge for lying in a sentencing hearing, which we are informed has not yet gone away.
So. A small slice, please, but I stand by the substance of my other comments about doing things that threaten your meal ticket.
Although my personal life is not exactly the model of probity that I'd like it to be and it is something of a hand to mouth kind of thing, I tend to agree with the old notion that when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.


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