Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reports Of Its Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Flight International informs us this day that Mr. Tim Clark, el Presidente and Chief Expositor of Emirates (bes' li'l ole airline in the Gulf) is urging Boeing to go forward with a product improved 777-300ER incorporating 787 technology improvements.

Tim, not one to spare the superlatives, says it would be a "world beater". I'm inclined to think he's right. One of the reasons that the A350-1000 variant from Festung Airbus has created such interest in the aviation world is its place in the sweet spot that the 777 now occupies.

I promise, when I get my 777-A350 comparo chart completed and annotated it'll go up here, but just looking at it this morning indicates that there's a pretty good gap in the lineup that a product improved 777-300ER would slide right into.


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