Sunday, November 11, 2007

Big Score for Toulouse at Dubai UPDATE 3

In a move that was not entirely unexpected at the Dubai Air Show, Emirates ordered 50 Airbus A350-900, 20 A350-1000, and optioned another 50 A350-900 IWannaBeLikeMikeliners.

They also confirmed 8 A380 PotemkinLiners previously optioned and ordered 3 more.

Boeing wasn't entirely left out of the joy, as Emirates ordered 12 B777-300ERs, which sounds like an ever so slight hedging of the bets against Airbus' penchant for schedule slipping delays.

Qatar ordered 30 B787 GretaGarboLiners and 5 B777F freighters, but these have already been announced in the order book earlier in the year.

There's more to come so stay tuned. But for now, the joy's all Airbus.


The Wall Street Journal tells us today that Dubai Aerospace Enterprise has ordered 70 B787 GretaGarboLiners (I know, I on)and 30 other Boeing widebodies, although the type wasn't clear from the article, could be 787s, 777s or 747s. In addition, Saudia ordered 22 A320s and NAS ordered 20 A320s. It is rumored that there are more orders to come, but nothing on the scale of what we've seen so far.

HERE'S THE CLARIFICATION PART: Flight Global tells us that DAE also ordered 70 A320s and 30 A350s and that the Boeing part of the order included 70 B737s, 5 747-8Fs, 10 777-300ERs and 15 B787 GretaGarboLiners. So maybe the WSJ got its numbers a little mixed up but nevermind.

It would seem that both da Festung and The Prussian Airplane Company both are now heavily invested in Dubai. I sure hope those fellers know what they're going to do with the airplanes when they start getting delivered.

UPDATE 3. Tuesday.

As expected Yemenia ordered 10 A350 IWannaBeLikeMikeLiners and a handful of A320s today, according to the International Herald Tribune.


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