Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More News From India, And It's Not Good

Things are getting busy at the India desk here at The Dougloid Papers. The Associated Press informs us this day that six wild elephants were electrocuted after getting....well.....snockered.... on rice beer.
Seems that a herd of 40 or so of the pesky pachyderms came to a local village in Meghalaya state looking for some food and ended up going on a toot.
What they found was kegs of rice beer, a local specialty of folks in the neighborhood. Swiftly consuming the delectable brew, the elephants were soon in a state of disrepair and ready for a little action of the type local cops have known about ever since Ogg and his mates decided that drinking overage grape juice was just the thing to get a party started.
Six of the inebriated tuskers tore up a power line and were electrocuted for their trouble, which once again points out the need for designated drivers, even among wild elephants.
Photo courtesy of South African Breweries


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