Saturday, December 15, 2007

Register Endorses Clinton; Dougloid Not Impressed

We've recently learned that after long and careful study our own Des Moines Register has endorsed Mrs. Clinton's presidential bid.

Well. Folks in other places have labored mightily and brought forth gnats before this. One needs only refer to the photo of President Truman to get the measure of the Register's error. Had they sniffed they'd have smelled the odor of decomposition hanging over the Clinton campaign like a miasma.
Fact is, Hilary Clinton is part of the past, a past that's better consigned to the trashbin of history because it was a disaster for the working people of this country.
Back in the day when Bill was teaching at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, exercising the law professor's prerogative of jus primae noctis, Hilary Clinton recognized that whatever his personal failings, the man had charisma in the large economy size container and that would carry the two of them a long way from dreary midwest-Southern Fayetteville and a teaching slot at a second rate law school. The future president's forays among the slave cabins of the law students were, it appears, of little consequence.
Later on, Bill's antics as attorney general and later governor of Arkansas had their own affaires, although the world seems to be eager enough to discard the likes of Paula Corbin Jones and Gennifer Flowers when it comes time to trumpet the Clinton hagiography-something we're not about to do here.
And let's not forget Monica Lewinsky and perjury, shall we? Where in hell was the moral outrage along with the divorce papers from Hilary?
Bill went on to adopt the policies and programs of the Democratic Leadership Council, and Mr. Nader writes eloquently of the damage that was done by these galvanized Republicans to the traditional alliance between government policy wonks, labor, minorities, and the lower middle class that won the second world war and did the heavy lifting in the civil rights and antiwar struggles of the sixties.
Be it remembered that the Clinton administration and the D.L.C. rammed NAFTA down the throats of working Americans and in the process fundamentally damaged our relations with Canada and Mexico.
Mrs. Clinton says she's got a lot of experience, but from here it looks like the experience of a carpetbagger and an opportunist with an eye for the main chance. A vote for her is a vote for eight more years of the Billary, eight more years of NAFTA and the WTO, and eight more years of exporting working class jobs to places half a world away. Bill sold out the working people of this country and there's not one single reason I can see that makes me think she's any different. He was a prick with a nice smile.
I just cannot accept that we'd do this again as inevitable.
The young folks of this country have a knack for seeing through this sort of thing, and I think that the rest of us ought to have the sense to say that they're better at this than the rest of us were. They're going to have to live with the mess they inherit long after we are gone, and that's a sound reason to think that they should choose the future-not us.
They're standing for Senator Obama. And so am I. Every time I hear him speak I'm reminded of Robert Kennedy and the hopes he raised in my generation-hopes that were dashed that awful day.
Let the young people have their hopes for this great land.


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