Monday, December 03, 2007

Don't Ask Me About My Day

Last night my H-P 1200 printer started making strange noises that sounded like it had a chicken bone caught in its throat.
So I roared into action this morning, figured out how to get the side cover off and I figured Mr. Air Compressor would work his magic, everything'd be quiet and I could move forward.
As soon as I toggled the air nozzle this miserable piece of crap fan blew apart and cut me pretty fairly in the process. Ten in the a.m. on Monday and I've already been wounded.
So I figure, "OK. Looks like an ordinary fan, I've got one on a processor I can grab."
Wrong. It's 24 volt.
So I decide to order one from H-P. Nice website, illustrated, with part numbers. I fill in all the blanks, the order's accepted, I get the confirmation and it says
"Please print this for your records."
Duh. If I didn't have a dead printer I certainly wouldn't be buying printer parts at all.


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