Wednesday, April 25, 2007

To the Tune of 'Sweet Home Chicago' Branson Goes Shopping

Forbes reports that Virgin's Richard Branson, he of the golden locks and the midas touch, has placed an order with Boeing for 15 of the B787 Dreamliner, 8 options, and purchase rights for 20 more. His Nibs also opined on Monday that the A380 is a financial disaster and he couldn't see how it could ever make money.

Anyway you count it, coming from a prestige brand as Virgin Atlantic is, it's a kick in the shins for the A350, but there's more bad news in the offing.

It is rumored by the Times of London that USAir is going to cancel its order for 20 A350s and order the B787 instead.

Stay tuned.

I'm not ready to declare the A380 or the A350 DOA, but as Yogi Berra once opined, "People are staying away in droves." The smell of decomposition is once again in the air.


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