Thursday, April 19, 2007

Floyd Landis and the Fishing Expedition

There have been some new developments in the Floyd Landis story that are worthy of note. The US Anti Doping Agency decided to let the French lab that screwed up Floyd's original testing and lied about it....they're going to test all Floyd's B samples from the 2006 Tour de about stuffing up the cracks and looking for something else to hang on the guy if the initial case goes down the crapper. It's shameful.

Floyd has said that further testing of his B samples when the A samples didn't turn up any violation at LNDD (the French lab at the epicenter of this travesty) is a violation of the WADA Code.

In a dissenting opinion, Christopher Campbell, one of the three arbitrators says "the admission of evidence in clear violation of the WADA Code smacks of an uneven application of the rules ...(and)...strips this adjudication of the appearance of fairness."

The entire process offends the notion of due process, fundamental fairness and transparency of the proceedings. It is redolent of the show trials of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. It also puzzles me to see how this kangaroo court system became so entrenched in the world of sport.

And as I have said here a few times.

What got Floyd across the finish line was Floyd. That's who won the 2006 Tour.


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